• Auto Claim Surveillance

  • What is an Auto Claim Surveillance?

    An auto claim surveillance is considered a vital tool throughout several stages of an auto claim proceeding and may be used in the assessment of a claim. When investigating an auto claim, there are at times several different stories about how the accident occurred or the actual injuries sustained from the auto accident and therefore many times objective video surveillance evidence can be the deciding factor.

    Why Hire Francis & Associates?

    Francis & Associates is recognized as a leader in auto claims investigations within the insurance defense industry with a combined experience of 60 plus years of experience. When our investigation agency is assigned an insurance claims case, our experienced case managers will conduct vital research to confirm the claimant or insureds correct and current residence, their photo for identification along with other important needed information to perform a competent investigation. We also assure you that when assigning a claims case assignment with Francis & Associates, we are not going to exhaust through your budget within a day or two like other investigative agencies. Where all other private investigation companies fail, Francis & Associates investigators exceeds your expectations and objectives.

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