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Francis & Associates has full-time Las Vegas Private Investigators with a combined experience of 60 plus years of expertise in the private investigations field. We will offer a free consultation and affordable solutions to any investigative problem and answer the questions that need answering.

Dwayne Francis, Private Investigator

A private investigator is an individual who amongst other duties:

(1) investigates crimes

(2) investigates the identity, business, occupation, character, etc., of a person

(3) investigates the location of lost or stolen property 

(4) investigates the cause of fires, losses, accidents, damage or injury

(5) secures evidence for use in court. Private investigators may protect persons only if such services are incidental to an investigation; they may not protect property.

Before hiring a private investigator, you should always verify their licensing with the Nevada Private Investigators Board at the following link:

Nevada License # 1408

Chargeback Fraud Investigations

chargeback fraud

What is Chargeback Fraud?

Chargeback fraud, also known as friendly fraud, occurs when a consumer makes an online shopping purchase with their own credit card, and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services. Once approved, the chargeback cancels the financial transaction, and the consumer receives a refund of the money they spent.

If chargeback fraud goes unchecked, the consequences can be severe and too many chargebacks could prompt your bank to terminate your account and could make it extremely hard or impossible to get a new account.

But there are ways small-businesses can fight back with the help of Francis & Associates Private Investigators.  Our highly trained investigators will review what safeguards you have in place and what are needed.  

Our investigators will also review each and every chargeback and identify if elements of a crime has been committed and if so our staff will work on your behalf to recover that loss revenue.

Call us today at 1.866.653.3398 to discuss your investigation needs. As always, we offer affordable solutions to any kind of investigative problem and answer the questions the need answering.