• Francis & Associates is a highly experienced private investigation agency who staffs only the best and most experienced Las Vegas private investigators who specialize in complicated infidelity and cheating spouse surveillance cases whether it involves a cheating husband, cheating wife, cheating girlfriend or cheating boyfriend, our agency employs only the most experienced and most qualified investigators to handle your delicate case.

    Our highly experienced and professionally trained surveillance investigators are all equipped with the newest and most up to date digital, undetectable camera equipment available to investigators today to allow us to obtain the evidence you desperately need not only for your peace of mind but closure as well.

    Whenever investigating and conducting surveillance, there are several prominent factors needed beforehand to increase the odds of obtaining the proof you are seeking and ensure that what evidence the investigator gathers through the investigation will meet your delicate needs.

    Expectations: We ask that you keep your expectations in the real world and not rely on what you see on television. Our private investigators will monitor and obtain video documentation of the subject's activities discreetly and accurately, and we do not limit our surveillance to only what we observe from the car window. All of our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art long-range and hidden video cameras, giving us the ability to see activity inside a subject’s place of work, in rural areas, at the mall and nearly everywhere else they can go without compromising expectation of privacy. The only thing we cannot do is control what your partner will do or where they will go!

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