• Are you jeopardizing your defense by hiring an out of state Private Investigator or Risk Management Company?

    In recent years, there has been a frightening trend of claims adjusters, third party administrators and attorneys hiring out of state Private Investigators or so-called Risk Management Service companies who they either already have a prior business relationship with or those companies advertise that they operate nationwide even though they are not properly licensed to do so in several strict regulated states.

    • Did you know that in the State of Nevada, it is considered a single act of unlicensed activity to advertise or accept an investigation case in “Nevada” without being licensed pursuant to NRS 648.063 and NRS 648.060?

    • Did you know that plaintiff attorneys in Nevada are now conducting background checks on both Risk Management and Private Investigative agencies along with their investigative staff to determine if they are properly licensed in the State of Nevada?

    In 2017, a California based private investigation company was hired by a third-party administrator who did not do the proper due diligence on the investigative company, to conduct a sub-rosa on an Insured who relocated from California to the State of Nevada. This California based private investigator sent two of his investigator(s) into the state where they conducted several days of sub-rosa.

    When the results of the investigation was provided in discovery, the Insureds attorney through independent investigations of their own, discovered that the private investigators were not properly licensed in the State of Nevada and used that against the defense and later the results of that investigation including all video evidence was thrown out which had a huge negative impact on the defense.

    Because of the unlicensed activity, which made the investigation illegal to conduct, California based private investigator was sued by the Insured for harassment and stalking and was cited by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board with several counts of unlicensed activity per investigator, per day.

    Make Sure the Private Investigator or Risk Management Services Company You Hire is properly Licensed

    The first step in hiring a Private Investigator or Risk Management Services company is making sure they are properly licensed and insured to operate in the State the investigation will be conducted. You can easily do this by asking the investigator to give you a copy of their State-Issued license and a copy of their certificate of insurance.