• Secret Shopper Investigations

  • Francis & Associates Inc, is a licensed and bonded Las Vegas private investigation company providing undercover and discreet secret shopper investigations.

    Our discreet shopper assignment are connected inside bar and restaurants, shopping malls, night clubs, adult entertainment clubs, auto repair facilities, businesses and many others. All assigned cases are assigned to experienced private investigators and will provide you with a discreet, accurate and measurable investigative report of their findings. All our private investigators are also capable of testifying to our observations in court if needed.

    Business Employee Mystery Shopping Investigations

    Francis & Associates Inc, private investigators can also conduct mystery shopping cases to provide you detailed investigations of your employees and what they are doing when you are not watching them. We can enter your place of business and provide you with hidden video evidence of theft that you can use to prosecute the offenders and send a powerful message to your staff.

    A small sampling of the areas we can address in our shopping services and mystery shopping includes:

    • The cleanliness and overall appearance of the business (parking area, lobby area, restrooms, tables, etc.)
    • How your staff greets and treats the customers.
    • The quality of your product (food, drink, whatever you sell).
    • What is the staff doing on the clock?
    • The quality of the service provided by your staff including timeliness.
    • The quality of your product or service.
    • Compliance by your staff with any laws or regulations that apply to your industry (safety laws, health laws, etc.).
    • Any liabilities noted (lights not functioning, unsafe practices, horseplay, wet floors, etc.).
    • Employee honesty and adherence to company policies.
    • Under ringing and theft including failing to charge certain customers.
    • Are you interested about your competitors and wouldn’t you want to have them shopped to compare their business to yours? At Francis & Associates, Inc, Las Vegas private investigators, we offer exceptionally deep, discreet shopping services that yield more useful information every time.

      Call us today at 1.866.653.3398 to discuss your type of investigation needs. As always, we offer free consultation and affordable solutions to any kind of investigative problem and answer the questions the need answering.