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  • Francis & Associates is known for employing the most highly trained and experienced private investigators in Nevada. Our private investigation agency is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Our staff consists of experienced private investigators and detectives from varied backgrounds and experience, such as former special investigations units, insurance claims professionals, federal, state, local law enforcement, and corporate fraud agents.

  • Our private investigators have specialized in complex, discrete investigations for the past 28 years and will utilize every available legal resource to accomplish your objectives, solve your case, provide you the answers you may have, and achieve your needs the right way at an affordable price.

    All our private investigators are trained and educated in conducting complex discreet surveillance and investigations in airports, hotels, casinos, and conventions without the risk of compromising your case by violating the strict expectation of privacy laws and strict trespass laws that can damage the integrity and outcome of your case.

    We are happy to assist private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, and corporate clients while offering competitive and favorable rates.

    Our testimonials and ability to understand our clients' needs demonstrate our dedication and professionalism to our valued clients. We will always offer a friendly, discreet, and sympathetic approach to your needs.

    As always, we offer free consultations and affordable solutions to any investigative problem and answer the questions that need answering.