• Social Media

  • A social media investigation entails researching social media posts, photos, status updates, and conversations of individuals connected to an investigation. Most social media investigations are requested to insurance claims, court cases, infidelity investigations, custody battles, or part of a background investigation. The evidence obtained from a social media investigation can be used as evidence in court, support alibis, and provide additional evidence, risk assessment, and or utilized as active monitoring and individuals.

  • Why Do You Need a Social Media Investigation?

    During court cases, social media investigations are commonly used to provide information relevant to a case, supplement evidence to establish character, support, or disqualify an alibi. Social media investigations are being used more and more in insurance-related cases, custody battles, divorce cases, and many criminal cases.

    One might also need a social media investigation as part of a background check or risk assessment. The benefits of social media investigations are unlimited, ranging from direct and corroborative evidence to risk assessment and ongoing evidence of activities. Geotagged posts can also provide information on potential key witnesses detrimental to the court case.

  • What Happens During a Social Media Investigation?

    In a social media investigation request, a private investigator will search for key phrases and examine posts relevant to the objectives of the investigation. In most cases, they will use high-powered software to explore, monitor activity, and set up alerts for new posts and account creations.

  • Why Hire a Social Media Investigator?

    So why hire a private investigator? A private investigator specializing in social media investigations has specialized skills in locating hidden private accounts that the average person could not find independently on their own. Private Investigators also use various reverse searches and investigative techniques to locate the account more quickly and accurately. The private investigator, in most instances, will also be able to collect pertinent profile photos, posts, and data when an account is entirely private and can’t be accessed or doesn’t even exist.

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