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Francis & Associates Litigation Support

At every stage of personal or business disputes, from pre-trial preparation to appeals, our private investigators at Francis & Associates assist attorneys and their clients in uncovering facts, analyzing information, and preserving evidence.

Attorneys deal with complex challenges that demand exhaustive research and unwavering accuracy. Despite their expertise in constructing compelling cases, even the most seasoned lawyers can benefit from additional assistance in securing vital evidence.

Francis & Associates employs a team of private investigators who are meticulously selected to serve and assist a law firm. They become the law firm’s most covert asset, aiding in intelligence gathering throughout all phases of a case. With deep insight into cutting-edge investigative methodologies, prevailing trends, and legal intricacies, our private investigators are invaluable allies in preparing attorneys for impending trials, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

Cases that Benefit our Litigation Support Service

  • Criminal Defense
  • Liability Defense
  • Crime Victim Support
  • Family Law and Custody Cases
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Tort Actions
  • Insurance Fraud Claims
  • Probate Proceedings

What Our Private Investigators Can Assist you With

Due Diligence Investigations of Parties, Claimants & Witnesses:

We conduct due diligence investigations of companies or individuals involved or potentially involved in litigation. This includes gathering information such as criminal and civil litigation involvement, location and contact details, occupation, education, professional licenses and training, social media presence, connections to other parties, assets and liabilities, court filings, and related companies, investments, and entities.

Witness Identification, Location & Interviewing:

Our private investigators are instrumental in locating and interviewing witnesses, providing additional evidence to strengthen cases even after initial attorney-led interviews. Additionally, they assist in gathering crucial details and witness testimonies pre-trial, optimizing resource allocation for the firm.

Social Media Investigations & Monitoring:

We monitor, capture, analyze, and oversee social media engagement to gather background information or potential evidence. This includes identifying relevant social media profiles, maintaining ongoing surveillance of those profile accounts, and capturing relevant posts using a forensically sound approach.

Investigating Allegations:

Employing legally sound methods, our private investigators navigate public records and digital realms to address various allegations, from child abuse to spousal misconduct. Their expertise extends to verifying employment claims, probing substance abuse, validating witness statements, and fortifying the foundation of attorney-led cases.

Asset Investigations & Recovery:

We conduct online searches and field surveillance to uncover concealed or undisclosed assets, accounts, business relationships, and investments. Our expertise includes business intelligence, understanding money laundering techniques, and access to computer forensics to identify tangible and intangible property, offshore structures and assets, and untangle layered corporate holdings.

Are you in need of skilled private investigators to strengthen your legal team? Francis & Associates stands ready as your steadfast investigative partners with over three decades of proven expertise, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including fact-finding missions, jury pool assessments, locating potential witnesses, record retrieval, surveillance, and more.

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