Cold Case Investigations in Las Vegas with Private Investigators at Francis & Associates

Cold Case Private Investigators

Francis & Associates Las Vegas Private Investigators is a group of former federal and state law enforcement officers with decades of extensive experience in conducting cold case investigations. Our investigative staff are specially trained and are your best choice when looking for a private investigator to gather new leads for your case.

About Cold Case Investigations

Cold Cases become cold when probative investigative leads available to the primary detectives are exhausted. The case remains unsolved in an open status after several years. Sometimes law enforcement needs a helping hand to gather and develop other leads with additional witnesses.

There are times when law enforcement doesn’t have the resources or the time to conduct additional investigative tasks.

Sometimes even the best intentions cases are solved incorrectly and can often remain shelved for months or even years. In these known scenarios, our private investigators can utilize specific skill sets to point them in a new direction that has not been explored yet.

Private Investigators with previous law enforcement backgrounds can lend new eyes to the cold case. This can offer a new perspective and perhaps provide more of a trusted face with whom witnesses are more willing to speak.

In interviewing prior and sometimes new witnesses and others connected to the case, it’s common for a private investigator to come up with that probing question that points the private investigator in a new direction. Sometimes a piece of information a prior witness thought was unimportant is brought into the light. Sometimes a photograph or evidence examination reveals something that was initially missed.

What our private investigators can offer?

  • Review and examine all available evidence, case files, and reports
  • Interview all of the original victims and canvas the area to find and interview new witnesses
  • Revisit and examine the crime scene against crime scene photographs
  • Re-examine all photographs with a fresh, professional perspective
  • Utilize outside resources for professional review and analyze available DNA evidence
  • Utilize new evaluation tools to build new leads for re-profiling additional suspects

All of our private investigators have a background in law enforcement and understand the importance of what is admissible in a court of law. We will gather additional evidence and obtain it legally to use in your case with law enforcement and court.