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At Francis & Associates, we understand the urgency and complexity of finding missing persons. That’s why our team of highly skilled private investigators in Las Vegas specializes in locating missing persons. Our private investigators have a wealth of experience as former law enforcement officials who previously served in federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

We have a strong track record of success locating missing persons, and our law enforcement background gives us a unique advantage in the field. Additionally, we maintain strong working relationships with local agencies, allowing us to work collaboratively to successfully find the missing person. Whether searching for a lost loved one, a runaway, or a missing child, you can trust our team to provide the expertise and resources necessary to find them.

When You Assign a Missing Person Case

Once you entrust your case to our private investigation agency, it will be diligently reviewed by a highly qualified professional with years of expertise. Following the review, your case will be promptly assigned to the best investigator in our agency, who will commence working on your case without delay.

The current issue with missing person investigations, primarily led by law enforcement agencies, is that the scope of such investigations is often too limited. When you report a missing person to the police department, valuable time may have already elapsed, making it harder to locate the individual. Additionally, police detectives may cease their search after a specific timeframe and declare the case cold. However, with the aid of a professional private investigator, your investigation will be launched promptly, and the investigator will collaborate with the assigned detective from law enforcement to ensure a more favorable outcome.

What are the types of missing person investigations?

It’s common to come across private investigation firms that advertise missing person investigative services, but some of them mistakenly conflate it with a general locate or skip trace. However, these two types of investigations are not interchangeable, and the confusion arises due to the lack of expertise among some investigators in distinguishing between the two.

The following are the types of actual missing person cases:

Missing Adult: This is a missing adult, briefly disorientated, and would want to be found. Reasons for an adult going missing vary, voluntary and involuntary.

Missing Person who voluntarily went missing: Someone who has control over their actions and has decided upon a course of action may wish to leave home and harm themselves.

Missing Person by a third party: Someone who has gone missing and is believed they become missing against their will from abduction or possibly as a murder victim. 

Missing Children: Missing Children are persons under 18 years old who have disappeared.

Abduction by a Stranger: A child who has been abducted at a young age might not know they were abducted and might have been lied to. But their natural parents will be searching for them.

Running Away: Children who have run away from home then they are missing children, and their parents and others are likely to be searching for them. 

Hire the Right Private Investigator with Experience

If a loved one goes missing under suspicious circumstances, it’s crucial to prioritize finding them and not take any chances with inexperienced or underqualified investigators. Instead, it’s highly recommended that you seek out the services of a professional investigator who has extensive law enforcement experience and a proven track record of success in finding missing persons. By taking this approach, you can increase your chances of getting the answers you need and potentially reuniting with your loved one.

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