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    Flat Rate Missing Persons

    While other private investigators charge an hourly fee, Francis & Associates, Las Vegas private investigators charge a flat fee. When you call and hire us, your missing person investigation will be reviewed by a highly qualified professional with years of experience and then immediately assigned and scheduled to locate your individual as fast as possible.

    What are your Flat Rates?

    Our flat rates will be determined by the difficulty of the type of missing person assignment and available information made available to the investigator. With every case, we provide free consultation, and you will be given the flat rate at that time.

    Missing Persons Investigations?

    One of the problems we have today with law enforcement led missing person investigations is that the term missing persons is so narrow. When you go to the police department and begin a missing person investigation after an amount of time has passed, it may be too late. Even with the police-led cases, the detectives may stop looking after a certain amount of time has given and will declare the case a cold case. A professional private investigator will initiate the investigation as soon as you feel its necessary and will continue the search for as long as you deem it necessary.

    What are the types of missing person investigations?

    • Missing Famly Members
    • Missing Debtors
    • Witness Locates
    • Missing Children – Runaways
    • Lost Heirs
    • Birth Parents

    Who hires private investigators to locate missing persons?

    • Family members of lost loved ones.
    • Attorneys
    • Collection Agencies
    • Courts and local law enforcement

    So basically, if you are in need to locate someone, a qualified private investigator will be hired and will use advanced techniques from years of training to investigate and find your missing personally at (702) 623-8089 to discuss your type of investigation needs. As always, we offer a free consultation and affordable solutions to any investigative problem and answer the questions they need answering.