Las Vegas Private Investigator investigating Divorce Investigations in Las Vegas Nevada

Divorce Investigations

Francis & Associates and our private investigators in Las Vegas are trusted names in assisting clients like you with divorce cases. Our proven track record in providing crucial results has been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes for numerous divorce cases.

Even in no-fault states, we understand that you may have pressing questions or suspicions that demand answers for your peace of mind and that of your immediate family members. In such situations, a private investigator can play a pivotal role in conducting thorough searches and investigations.

While not necessary for every divorce, hiring a private investigator can be highly advantageous, especially in contentious divorce situations. Our team of private investigators can assist you in various areas, including child custody issues and conducting financial investigations to uncover hidden assets.

When it comes to financial investigations, locating concealed assets is a common concern during divorce proceedings. Our private investigators can track down hidden money, undisclosed banks or financial institutions, real estate holdings, and other valuable assets through meticulous surveillance and financial analysis, providing concrete evidence of their existence.

Additionally, our specialized social media investigations can be invaluable in uncovering relevant information about your spouse’s past or current activities and concealed relationships. This evidence can prove to be highly relevant during your divorce proceedings.

We understand the importance of legally obtained evidence, and our professionally trained private investigators adhere to all ethical standards while gathering information. The evidence we collect is admissible in court and can significantly contribute to your case’s success.

At Francis & Associates, we offer lawful specialized investigative services tailored to your needs. Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us. To take the first, contact us today for a confidential and free consultation at 702-623-8089. Let us be your trusted investigative partner throughout this challenging time.