• Wrongful Death

  • What is a wrongful death?

    Wrongful deaths are described when a someone dies or was killed due to negligence, carelessness, misconduct or wrongdoing committed by a medical physician, medical facility, company or person. Some cases of wrongful deaths, the victims and or beneficiaries may be entitled to a form of compensation for their loss.

    Most wrongful death lawsuits shadow in the wake of criminal trials, using similar evidence but with a lower standard of proof. Nevertheless, someone found liable for wrongful death may or may not be convicted of a crime associated with that death.

  • Not all wrongful death investigations start as such, in some cases, an investigator will be conducting another investigation such as homicide, crime scene or accident investigation, personal investigator or product investigation only to discover evidence pointing to wrongful death. At this point, the investigator may share and discuss his findings with the victims surviving family or family attorney so that they can pursue whatever legal action they decide is appropriate.

  • What types of wrongful death investigations are there?

    • Malpractice & Medical Investigations: These investigations often focus on wrongful death caused by medical negligence and incorrect medical treatment.
    • Workplace Investigations: Industrial accident investigations are motivated by deaths caused by company negligence or company mismanagement.
    • Products Liability Investigations: These investigations find wrongful deaths caused by badly-designed and poorly-tested consumer goods.
    • Accident Investigations / Criminal Investigations: These investigations uncover criminal responsibility for wrongful death as well as for a crime.
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