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Criminal Investigators in Las Vegas

At Francis & Associates, we have a team of Las Vegas private investigators, comprising seasoned veterans from federal and state law enforcement backgrounds. With years of comprehensive experience in criminal case investigations, our mission as criminal defense investigators is to procure the evidence essential for securing your case’s success. In the realm of legal proceedings, every detail holds significance, yet crucial elements such as documents, police procedures, or personal circumstances are occasionally neglected when they could bolster your defense.

Our dedicated team specializes in uncovering these overlooked factors to fortify your defense strategy. Whether it’s scrutinizing documents, assessing police conduct, or delving into personal affairs, we’re committed to securing critical evidence that could prevent your incarceration.

Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys

In a criminal case, there are two opposing sides: the prosecution, representing the state or city, and the defense attorneys. While both entities possess resources for gathering evidence and information, private investigators offer unique skills, access, and strategies that may not be readily available otherwise. It’s not a sign of weakness for either side to enlist the help of a third-party investigator; rather, it underscores their commitment to uncovering the truth and ensuring a just outcome for the case.

Objectives of Criminal Investigations

Our team conducts criminal investigations with two primary objectives: defense and revelation.

When supporting your defense attorney in matters related to your criminal case, we adopt a proactive, results-driven approach. With unparalleled experience and impartiality across all aspects of criminal proceedings, we’re equipped to assist not only at the local level but also on state and federal platforms.

At Francis & Associates, we’ve aided individuals wrongly accused in navigating complex criminal issues with sensitivity and care. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, we approach every case regardless of its magnitude with diligence and dedication.

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