As individuals embark on the journey of marriage, they invariably hold optimistic expectations for their shared future. However, life’s intricate complexities can sometimes unveil an unexpected reality. It is not infrequent for individuals we place our utmost trust in to withhold certain aspects of their past or maintain undisclosed intentions concerning marriage. The initiation of premarital investigations is typically driven by either the bride or groom and, occasionally, by family members. The prospect of entering into matrimony, only to later discover deception, is undeniably distressing. Regrettably, there are instances where individuals may unwittingly wed someone with concealed criminal or unethical motivations, scenarios in which a comprehensive background check could have unveiled vital information well before the wedding ceremony.


Before you commit to marriage, it’s crucial to truly understand the person you’re embarking on a lifelong journey with. This understanding can save you from complications that may arise from unexpected revelations after the wedding. In many cases, premarital investigations are started by concerned family members, like parents or siblings of the bride or groom. They do this to protect their loved ones and ensure their well-being in the upcoming marriage. Their concerns are often valid because potential spouses might have undisclosed personal histories.

Hiring an experienced private investigator is a sensible step to confirm your future spouse’s honesty and assess any potential financial risks to you or your family. Some individuals may want to hide their past, often because of experiences like abuse or other personal reasons. While certain situations call for empathy and understanding, some undisclosed secrets can significantly impact the long-term success of a relationship. Therefore, it’s advisable to uncover these hidden truths before you exchange wedding vows, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about your shared future.

What's typically covered in a premarital background investigation:

  • Multiple Previous Marriages: This indicates a history of being legally married and subsequently divorced on multiple occasions, which can raise questions about the stability of past relationships.
  • Concealing Children from Prior Relationships: This involves hiding or not revealing the existence of children from previous romantic or familial relationships, which could impact the dynamics of a new relationship or marriage.
  • Criminal Record or Dishonorable Military Discharge refers to documented legal infractions or instances of military personnel receiving a dishonorable discharge, often signaling a history of misconduct or serious offenses.
  • Involvement in Numerous Legal Disputes, Especially Divorce Cases: This signifies participation in multiple legal conflicts, particularly those related to divorce proceedings, which may suggest a history of contentious relationships or unresolved issues.
  • Preexisting Mental or Physical Health Conditions: This encompasses health conditions, whether mental or physical, that existed prior to the current relationship or marriage and may require consideration and understanding from both partners.
  • Unstable Employment History: This reflects a track record of frequent job changes or difficulties in maintaining consistent employment, which can potentially affect financial stability and long-term planning in a relationship or marriage.

It’s important to note that a premarital background investigation is not an invasion of privacy but rather a proactive step toward building a strong and honest foundation for a successful marriage. Both parties typically agree to undergo these checks voluntarily, fostering open communication and trust in their relationship.

Couples can address any concerns or issues early on by conducting a premarital background investigation, fostering transparency and trust in their relationship. It can provide peace of mind, help prevent surprises or misunderstandings in the future, and ultimately contribute to a healthier and more secure marriage.

Conducting Pre-Marital Investigations:

No one wishes to contemplate the possibility of deception. Still, the world of romance can sometimes provide fertile ground for individuals who exploit love as a cover for deceitful intentions. Even in the midst of deep feelings, doubts may persist. Find yourself in a situation where you lack trust in the choice of a prospective spouse by your child, sibling, or another cherished family member. It may be wise to consider engaging the services of a Las Vegas private investigator.

At Francis & Associates, our team of Las Vegas private investigators conducts comprehensive premarital investigations. If the investigation reveals nothing of concern, the information remains confidential. However, suppose any pertinent information comes to light. In that case, you can prevent someone from enduring heartbreak or potentially more severe consequences.

We prioritize the utmost confidentiality, discreetly working to uncover the information you seek, all to safeguard your loved ones from entering into a union with the wrong person. Your family’s well-being and happiness are our top priorities.

If you are interested in our premarital investigation services, contact Francis & Associates at (702) 623-8089 for your free and confidential consultation so that we can provide you with an affordable solution.