• Corporate Investigation


    Francis & Associates, Las Vegas Private Investigator provides risk investigative services to corporations to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, sub-contractors or third parties.

    What is a corporate investigation?

    A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.

    There are many aspects of corporate investigations, and they can vary significantly based on your needs. For example, corporate investigations can uncover if a business partner is legitimate, whether an employee is stealing from the company, or reveal fraud and embezzlement, just to name a few. A corporate investigator’s primary job, though, is ensuring a company is running smoothly and within the law.

    Corporate investigations are conducted to help protect organizations from:

    • Loss or theft of proprietary information
    • Compromised customer or company information
    • Abuse or misuse of network
    • Liability if the network has been used as a launch pad to attack other systems
    • Damaged reputation 

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