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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigation - Las Vegas Private Investigators

Francis & Associates engages seasoned private investigators in Las Vegas, each having prior law enforcement backgrounds alongside extensive expertise in corporate affairs and legal matters combined over decades of professional practice. Whether you or your representatives require discreet internal inquiries surrounding issues such as employee conduct, intellectual property safeguarding, theft, forgery, embezzlement, computer forensics, forensic accounting, or litigation support, our skilled specialists stand ready to provide tailored assistance.

What is a Corporate Investigation?

Corporate investigations often commence with straightforward inquiries but can swiftly evolve into complex matters. With our team of highly trained private investigators, Francis & Associates is equipped with the expertise and resources to navigate a diverse array of investigations, no matter how intricate, ensuring comprehensive resolution wherever the trail leads.

Suppose you are experiencing employee dishonesty, financial inconsistency, or doubt the legitimacy of a company you deal with directly. In that case, a corporate investigator can present legally and professionally obtained evidence, which is more likely to be respected by the court.

Corporate Investigations Tasks?

Through a corporate investigation, the investigator will conduct one or more of the following investigative tasks depending on the complaints and or issues with the business.

Research Investigation: The investigator can conduct discrete investigative efforts about other companies you conduct business with regarding mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and capital, private investments, and private equity. In-depth employee background checks can also be performed.

Interviewing: Investigators often interview personnel members, which is usually the first action in conducting corporate investigations. This allows the investigator to understand the probable origins of the misconduct and how to proceed with a more in-depth investigative strategy.

Discrete Undercover Investigation: The investigator can conduct discrete undercover efforts while blending in with the company and looking for elements of employee theft and misconduct, employee substance abuse, and harassment. This type of investigation will also utilize some form of surveillance as a tool for their inspections.

Financial Investigation: Through a financial investigation, the results will allow the investigator to discover fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, and other financial crimes are currently active.

Corruption Investigations: While conducting a corruption investigation, the investigator would be looking to uncover corporate fraud and industrial espionage along with elements of bribery.

TSCM Investigations: The private investigator will conduct technical surveillance counter-measures. This type of countermeasure will undertaken in the corporation business location, vehicle, and other secure areas for electronic sweeps or locate potential illegal surveillance against the organization.

As you can see, the investigative methods for corporate investigations can vary depending on the investigation you request. When requesting a corporate investigation, be prepared to be specific about your needs and the information you seek so your investigator can establish a correct strategy and utilize the right tools to resolve your situation. Some techniques an investigator might use include.

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