Francis & Associates provides a comprehensive background investigation service to our valued clients. Many people are confused by the distinction between a background check and a background investigation. Most background checks are only searched in the county where the subject is known to reside, and many times, these will not include arrests, non-adjudicated matters, and contacts with law enforcement.

A background investigation requires different levels of expertise that we specialize in and highly recommend if you want an accurate investigation report on your subject.

What Is A Background Investigation?

Generally, a background investigation provides a more in-depth, comprehensive, accurate, and complete way of investigating a person’s past. The investigator will comprehensively review court cases, public records, UUC filing, corporate documentation, and on-site court records search in relevant jurisdictions through a background investigation.

Additionally, a background investigation would be incomplete without conducting interviews of friends, past and current co-workers, and neighbors to obtain a complete comprehensive profile of the subject.

Through providing a background investigation, the investigator can provide you with a more accurate, comprehensive background of: 

  • Employment Background Screening
  • Address History
  • Criminal Records within current and previous residence locations
  • National Sex Offenders Registries
  • County and City Search Results
  • Federal Criminal Search Requests
  • Driving Record Requests
  • Professional Licenses
  • Business Licenses
  • Corporation and Secretary of State Records
  • Civil Records Search Results
  • Property Records
  • UCC Filings
  • Mariage Records

Additional Comprehensive Requests - Dependent on Type of Case

  • Interviews with friends and family.
  • Interviews with current and previous employers.
  • Interviews with past and currently co-workers.
  • Interviews with neighbors

Contact the professionals at Francis & Associates to discuss your case so that we can tailor a comprehensive background investigation report that will work well for your needs.