• Criminal Investigation

  • Francis & Associates Inc, Las Vegas private investigators are without question the most experienced and qualified criminal investigators in Nevada. Most of today’s private investigators who conduct criminal investigations are former state and federal investigators with diverse backgrounds and law enforcement perspectives.

    Some of the type of cases our private investigators are assigned are murder, wrongful death, serious assault, fraud, theft, embezzlement, child exploitation, blackmail and any other offenses. 

    What is a criminal investigation?

    A criminal investigation is an investigation that seeks, collects, and gathers evidence of a crime for a case or specific purpose.

    A criminal investigator looks for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. If a crime has been committed, private investigators may obtain the background of the individual(s) involved an attempt to uncover who committed the crime. Today, a growing number of individuals are choosing to launch their criminal investigations with the help of professional private investigators.

    When Do I Need a Criminal Investigator?

    • If law enforcement investigations produce little or no results
    • When you need evidence gathered for a criminal defense
    • To collect evidence for a criminal case
    • To find and interview other witnesses to a crime
    • To gather impartial facts about a crime
    • If you need surveillance or records searches to collect evidence

    Why do I need a criminal investigator?

    • They operate within the law to find evidence
    • Criminal defense investigators can gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation
    • Law enforcement investigators are often busy with other tasks
    • Criminal investigation divisions can be too short on resources to conduct a proper investigation
    • Exclusively dedicated criminal investigators are more persistent than law enforcement so they can provide better results
    • Criminal investigators are not limited by city, state or jurisdiction.

    A crime is an intended action that is against the rules of law for a community. A criminal trial in which punishment is pursued by the government differs from a civil lawsuit, which involves individuals debating their rights. Criminal acts, such as sexual assault, physical assault, murder, theft, property damage, and vandalism, would call for investigators to gather evidence so that charges could be made against the individual.

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