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Francis & Associates have private investigators in Las Vegas providing infidelity cheating partner investigations. Our private investigators live locally and are familiar with Las Vegas’s difficulties regarding the Las Vegas Strip and the hotels and Casinos regarding expectations of privacy.

The private investigators with Francis & Associates must also attend continued education regarding the expectation of privacy issues. If not done correctly or any violations of someone’s expectation of privacy can and will damage your case’s integrity in court.

Our private investigators in Las Vegas have conducted infidelity-cheating partner investigations with a high success rate for over two decades. We will professionally and discretely obtain video documentation of your partner’s activity while doing so in public view. Our private investigators are all equipped with advanced discrete equipment and, through years of experience, have acquired techniques designed to provide you with the desired results.

We understand the difficulty and emotional toll of suspecting your partner may be cheating on you. When dealing with a cheating spouse or infidelity situation, it’s reasonable to ask yourself how or why this happened. Was it something that I did wrong to cause this cheating or infidelity to happen to me?

Here are some of the signs that generally point to whether your partner is cheating on you.

  • A sudden increase in secretive phone activity
  • Deleting text messages, emails, and phone call logs
  • Frequent unexplained late nights and erratic behavior
  • A sudden improvement in appearance and grooming.

Unfortunately, 85% of people who conduct an infidelity investigation on their partner when they suspect their partner is cheating are correct.

Those who cheat will also conceal their activity and continue to lie until they are confronted with indisputable video documentation of their affair.

Other advantages of conducting an infidelity investigation. There are times when your partner is not involved in improper affairs. Knowing the truth about your partner will give you peace of mind.

What Does an Infidelity Investigation Involve?

Infidelity and cheating partner investigations can vary depending on the type of client needs and objectives of your case. We would first meet with you to gather as much information as possible, including their regular activities, work schedules, and hobbies. The more information you provide will allow the investigation to be more successful.

  • Discreet Surveillance: Our private investigator can conduct discrete surveillance to observe and monitor your partner through advanced techniques to gather the necessary information. Rather than relying only on suspicions, our private investigators can provide facts.
  • Gathering Evidence: Observing your partner and gathering the necessary evidence of being unfaithful may not be pleasant. However, it may also positively assist you in a separation or divorce settlement. The private investigator may also provide evidence that your partner is not unfaithful and provide you peace of mind so that your relationship survives any suspicion.

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