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Francis & Associates Surveillance Services

Francis & Associates, our private investigators in Las Vegas, is committed to providing the highest surveillance standard. This service is one of the best ways to obtain and document crucial evidence for your case.

Our private investigators are committed to promptly completing your assignment with the utmost professionalism. Surveillance requests are more than just holding a camera in hand. The private investigator handling your case needs to think outside of the box, which is critical and needed to succeed. Our surveillance service aims to give our clients a fresh, objective perspective. We are prepared to handle a wide range of surveillance services.

Our continued commitment and dedication have allowed Francis & Associates to introduce new technologies, develop new and improved business practices, and increase the quality of training of our investigators.

Information Needed from Client?

The information needed from the client is pretty straightforward. The following information we need to obtain from the client to proceed forward with the assignment request.

  • Where do they live
  • Where do they work
  • What type of car do they drive
  • Description of the person to include photos
  • What are their usual hangouts
  • What are their typical routines

Cases that Benefit from Surveillance?

  • Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Special Investigation Services
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Infidelity Investigations

What Case We Do Not Accept?

There are times that we get a request to conduct surveillance where the target of the surveillance has a protective order against the client. Some clients also have a previous stalking case on their records. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept these assignments due to the legalities.

If, in the scope of the surveillance request, the client requests us to violate the target’s expectation of privacy when it’s recognized as having no barring to the objectives or benefit of the case. As licensed private investigators, we must protect the integrity of our investigation and not break any current or future laws.

Some cases have been worked on by a previous investigation company. Because we do not know what the other private investigator did on the case, we may refuse to accept the assignment to protect our reputation.

Some Occurrences With Surveillances

Sometimes, while following a person, we might lose them in traffic. Private investigators can’t run red lights or break laws while following a target, which happens occasionally. When a person is an aggressive driver who speeds often, we might use two investigators to maximize our chances of staying with them in traffic.

If an additional investigator is needed, we will advise and recommend this to the client. If agreed upon using an additional investigator, there would be an additional cost.

Hiring the Right Private Investigator

As you can see, there are a lot of responsibilities in hiring the right private investigation company to handle your case. Suppose the private investigators violate the state’s strict privacy rights of the target or the private investigation company conducts the surveillance incorrectly. In that case, this can have adverse effects on your case.

There are a lot of private investigators out there who offer surveillance services. But not all of them know the laws involved when conducting surveillance. When selecting the private investigator to handle your case, ask them questions about your type of case and if anything can negatively affect the integrity of your case.

If you are interested in our surveillance services, contact Francis & Associates at (702) 623-8089 for your free and confidential consultation so that we can provide you with an affordable solution.