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Reasons to Contact a Private Investigator

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When most people hear private investigator, most picture a private eye you would see in a typical old Hollywood movie, where he’s wearing a black trench coat and funny-looking hat. Someone with a creative, unconventional investigative skillset would intimidate even the best-trained detective who did not fit in with the modern-day police force.

While that image is the image most people see, that image varies immensely from what a private investigator looks like in real life. Today’s private investigators operate more discretely and privately than those back in the day. Our modern-day private investigators are typically retired or former law enforcement or have years of experience trained by someone with that previous experience.

Today’s private investigators assist businesses, law firms, and private individuals in collecting information that would generally be impossible to find and collect. Their experience level makes them a reliable resource highly respected by most law enforcement.

The following are only some of the reasons to contact a private investigator:

Domestic Infidelity Investigations

Hiring a private investigator can assist you in determining the truth, provide you with answers to any type of suspicious activity, and provide you with the evidence to support your court claims. Private investigators can also assist you in finding hidden assets that your significant other may be hiding from you and the court.

Background Investigations

When a background investigation is needed when dealing with a potential employee, potential relationship, babysitter, company, or even a new tenant, most private investigators have the required resources to complete a thorough and accurate investigation. Let’s face it, attempting to perform an investigation on your own. Without the correct resources, you will notice that it could be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and really complicated, especially with the probability of old and not up-to-date information.

Missing Persons

The time within the first seventy-two hours to find a missing person is the most critical, and each passing hour decreases the likelihood of successfully locating the subject. While most private investigators are former law enforcement, they tend to develop and have a specific professional relationship with local authorities, which can significantly assist in locating that subject.

Corporate Compliance

In today’s world, most companies have to protect their interests from their competitors and employees who are not following corporate policies, government regulations, and other legal requirements. By combining your efforts with an outside private investigation company, you can learn more about what is going on and have assistance and additional information to ensure that all appropriate protocols are taken.

Due Diligence

No business transactions should be commenced without due diligence when running a business or corporation. Hiring a private investigator can eliminate most of the hassle of the process. With the assistance of a qualified, trained private investigator, you will receive a more in-depth due diligence investigation report other than a regular public standard background check or public record search.


Surveillances are the bread and butter for the typical private investigator for different cases, from insurance fraud to determining whether a parent is fit to have custody or visitation rights or, you guessed it, determining infidelity. A licensed private investigator can testify as an expert witness in court. The evidence obtained through their investigation would be admissible within the courts in compliance with state and local laws.

Those were only some of the reasons to contact or hire a private investigator, but not the only ones. If you are interested in learning how a private investigator can assist you, contact the private investigators at Francis & Associates.

Our professionally trained private investigators will take the time to answer your questions and explain the procedures to get your case assigned and handled the right way. The private investigators within our agency have over 65 years combined experience in all of the topics mentioned above and operate in a discrete, confidential manner.